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                                        White Kikos or Colored Kikos?      Which is better?      


    Sometimes people get caught up with producing color at all cost. I must confess that I like colored goats too, but some of the best does that I ever owned, Tasman Madeline,MC 64 "Nellie", Waysu Harriet, Waysu Deidre, Tasman Tristar, Waysu Goldmine's Susu, HKF Nellie 1, MC 66, Miss Money, HKF Katie, HKF Carolyn, Southwest Selma, several of the "HKF Loris",HKF Trig, HKF Trig's Girl, HKF Snowy, HKF Rose, HKF Lucille, and many others, have had one "fault". They were white, or tan. Really? Would we not want to breed with some of the best does that the breed has ever seen because they were white? Color is nice. I like it. I get it. Color is one factor that I breed for... Why? Because I am in the business of selling goats, and the majority of buyers prefer color, and I like color. That said, don't ever sacrifice quality to get color. And don't pass up some of the best genetics in the breed because they are white. You might be passing up the next Tasman Madeline, Big Boy, Keeper, Generator, or Lightin. By the way, some of those whites produced color as well. Madeline produced black "Tasman Toia."

        Some breeders say that the white goats are better.  Breed and sell whatever you like, but don't let a good goat go by just because she is white. She just may be the best in the herd.