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Hancock Kiko Farm is happy to announce LFK OUTLAW'S RENEGADE.    Renegade (pictured here at approximately 18 months old) is a certified champion!  He had a 90 day weaning weight of 78 lbs, as a twin, as well as a .755 adg (average daily gain)!!   This means that he gained over 3/4 of a pound/day for his first 90 days.  WOW!    He then continued to grow so well that he became the 2014 Oklahoma Buck Test ADG Grand Champion.   He was also one of only 3 bucks with a 28 cm scrotal circumference.   Over the course of the test he averaged only 567 fec (fecal egg count)  in a field that ranged from 242 to 4017. Also, this was less than half the average fec of 1145!

Renegade is a great grandson of Warsaw/Warrior who placed fifth out of fifty-three bucks on the 2007 Oklahoma buck test. Of the 100% New Zealand bucks, he was first.    During the course of this test, not only did he not have to be wormed, but his fecal egg count went DOWN from 400 to 100 !!   This parasite resistance, now university documented, was what impressed me most about Warrior.   That coupled with his excellent growth rate, and solid black color made a combination that was hard to beat.  WARRIOR was the sire of the top parasite resistant buck  in the 2008 Oklahoma buck test. His son also ended the test with an ending fecal egg count of 100!! The next closest buck had a count of 450. Warrior genetics crossed with Big Boy's genetics through his daughter have produced HKF SONNY BOY with the parasite resistance and color of Warrior and the butt and large frame of BIG BOY. 

HKF SONNY BOY throws some extremely nice and colorful kids. His son, MRG OUTLAW was the high selling buck at the first NKR ELITE BUCK SALE in Springfield, Mo in 2012. He was purchased by Kraig and Suzanne Stemme in Alba, TX. One of MRG OUTLAW's sons was named both the Grand Champion Average Daily Gain as well as Grand Champion Fecal Egg Count in the 2013 Oklahoma Forage Buck Performance Test. Lake Fork Kikos Named the 2013 Top Herdsman Grand Champion at the Oklahoma Forage Buck Performance Test. Based on the performance of the three sons of MRG Outlaw in both average daily gain and parasite resistance, Lake Fork Kikos was awarded the 2013 Top Herdsman Grand Champion at the Oklahoma Forage Buck Performance Test. The three bucks had average daily gain of 0.39, 0.36, and 0.36 lb. per day.  They also demonstrated superior parasite resistance with fecal egg counts of 180. 290. and 360 EPG based on five fecal egg count evaluations.    Renegade is now carrying on this tradition of excellence and superiority.

Finally, Renegade's pedigree has such stars as Iron Horse, Tay Onyx, LoverBoy, Blue's Son, Big Boy twice, and Goatex Goliath at least 8 times!
Also, Goatex Gesture, dam of Boss and Keeper, Tasman Madeline (dam of Toia), BC 64 (Nellie) one of our best does ever, Waysu Diedre, a Goliath daughter who was terrific, AFK Y30 (I was told that she was one of the best), Nellie I, that we still own (super doe).  Renegade not only displays superiority, but it is displayed in his pedigree.   Needless to say, we are excited to have the opportunity to be breeding with this fine buck.