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Hancock Kiko Farm

Raising Quality Kiko Meat Goats 

Meet HKF King James
He was born on 12.24.14 (pictured in rear.) He was a twin.
At the age of 7 months, he bred his first does.
His sire is HKF Boaz.  His dam is HKF Cocoa.
King James is  Boaz, Little Joe, and Delilah, Madeline,Nellie,Cocoa, Golden Boy, and Big Boy.
Below, he is pictured on January 2, 2016, just 9 days past his FIRST birthday.
He was weaned at 2.5 months old.
He was raised primarily on forage (Sunn Hemp, and brown top millet), pasture,      and horse quality grass hay.  He was 100.0 lbs at 9 1/2 months. He is currently                                                                               breeding our herd in Mississippi..   At 7 months old, King James sired my two best growing bucks ever. (HKF Bodacious and HKF Special Dark.)