Hancock Kiko Farm --Raising Hardy Meat Goats in South Georgia that can make it where you live...since 2001

Hancock Kiko Farm

Raising Quality Kiko Meat Goats 

Waysu Goldmine's Heritage aka "Big Boy" Our main Kiko herdsire for many years. Big Boy, died July of 2015. He was just shy of 13. Additionally, his littermate sister died within a couple of weeks of him.  They were both two of the greats in the Kiko world. Thankfully, I have her 2015 daughter, HKF Susu.  Also, his daughter "Delilah" currently plays a HUGE foundational part in my herd.

HKF Boaz  Son of Little Joe  Grandson of ECR Rusty  Grandson of Golden Boy

HKF Herschel   Son of Little Joe by Warrior Daughter

CPK Little Joe son of Golden Boy

TOF White Nugget   Linebred Big Boy Son    He is dead now, but I just wanted to show what is possible with linebreeding (and plenty of feed.)

Look at that rear.   He is a Kiko.