Hancock Kiko Farm --Raising Hardy Meat Goats in South Georgia that can make it where you live...since 2001

Hancock Kiko Farm

Raising Quality Kiko Meat Goats 

Welcome To Hancock Kiko Farm!

      At Hancock Kiko Farm we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  We strive to raise meaty meat goats that can cut it in the south. Our first criteria for our goats is that they must be hardy because every other trait is irrelevant in a dead goat. Additionally, mothering ability is a must. Good mamas are so important in a herd.

What is a Kiko Goat?

If I had to describe the Kiko Goat in one word, it would be HARDY. They live, and their offspring live! If  you are primarily interested in showing goats, or having pets, then the Kiko Goat is probably not going to be your best choice. If your interest is in raising meat goats that live with minimal intervention, you have found it.   

Does your


1)Need help with it's general level of hardiness?

2)Need kids that are more lively, and that are born looking for mama's teat?

3)Need mamas that are attentive to their babies, and that are good mothers?

4)Need improved teats?

5)Need a better ability to handle parasites?

Are you tired of spending all of your off days worming goats?

Are you tired of poor mothering skills in your mama goats?

Are you tired of burying goats?

Have you gotten to know your vet too well because you are at his place a lot?

As the old country song goes, "Man, I've been there!"  Kind of takes the fun out of raising goats doesn't it?

I am not going to tell you that you will no longer have to worm goats ever or have any other problems....You will. Also, part of your problems may be management.   Are your goats overcrowded? Eating too close to the ground? Have you culled the ones who are continually a problem?  If not, at least part of your problem is management.  Fix your management problems AND get a Kiko buck. These things will have you well on your way to turning things around in the first generation, and definitely in two.

If this all sounds like you, give me a call. My cell is 229-424-3517 Call me and Let's talk goats.

We try to do business by the "Golden Rule", Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If you are happy with your goat, tell your friends. If you are not, please tell us.

Our goats are New Zealand Kiko Goats.  We have been raising goats since 2000 and Kikos since 2001. We have tried most every other meat breed out there, and are more convinced than ever that the Kiko Goat is the King of the Hill. (especially in the south.)

There are several new WMB HOBO offspring.    HOBO offspring have lived up to their reputation!!  Just WOW.

The middle Georgia herd is due now (April 2019) with all kids being sired by HKF Flash.  (This small herd are all direct descendants of Tasman Madeline, Nellie, HKF Delilah, Goatex Goliath, and Big Boy/Waysu Goldmine's Heritage).   

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

We are glad to announce that we now own WMB HOBO.  According to Garry Cunningham, his offspring are the most parasite resistant of any goat he ever owned.  Exciting!!

LFK Renegade 2014 Oklahoma Buck Test Winner

New Kid on the Block!!   He's a champ!!

Warrior King NZ Kiko Buck son of King and grandson of Warrior

HKF Warrior King

Kiko Buck    As Good as they come.....

Goldmine's Heritage   aka Big Boy     Kiko Buck Hancock

Big Boy--Still influencing the  whole herd.

2002-2015    I would be hard pressed to find an HKF goat that doesn't have Big Boy blood in it.  I am thankful that he was our first buck because he still influences our herd a lot!

HKF King James  100% NZ HKF buck

HKF King James and HKF Bushwacker  at 1 Year old.

HKF Flash  100% NZ HKF buck
The Golden Boy/Big Boy tradition continues.......
HKF Delilah and HKF Cocoa  Two Kiko Does That Are The Best.

HKF Delilah and her daughter HKF Cocoa

Delilah is one of the very last daughters of  Big Boy and Nellie. Her granddam was Tasman Madeline.

Does from the Madeline line tend to have great udders, and live to be old. They are some of the very best in the breed. We have several descendants of Madeline and Nellie, as well as 15 does that are direct descendants of Delilah.  

Cocoa is a daughter of Delilah and HKF Samson.  She is the same caliber doe as her mama, just a little bigger and maybe even better!