Kiko-The Hardy Meat Goat!
Our foundation kiko does primarily came from the farms of Suzanne Fowler (WAYSU) and Bobby/Mary
Chastain.   The Fowler does are some of,  if not the last "Goatex Goliath" daughters.  One is a full sister to
"Keeper" just four years or so younger.   Another is a daughter of a full sister to "Keeper.."   There is one
more "Goliath" daughter as well as a "Goldmine" daughter.
The Chastain goats were bought by the Chastains at the first production sale in Donalsonville, Ga in
1999.  We have two of those as well as three of their daughters.  The older Chastain goats are first
generation daughters of actual imports.     All of the does from both groups are 100% New Zealand.
# 172    Waysu Harriet
This doe was born in August of 2002.  As of October 2005 she has
already kidded TEN kids.  She was not bred til she was one year old
She had TWO sets of triplets in 2005.  Her sire is "Goatex Goliath."
Our Does
to eleven yrs old.
Hancock Kiko Farm
"Lo II"   aka  #48  and her March 2009
Warrior Quads.